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Automated Marmet Maker


Current implementation of AMM is based on UniswapV2 for simple implementation. But it seems like that Balancer-like AMM is more appropriate to StakeSwap because parameterized pools have more control of staked ETH and multi-assets pool can be bound on more dynamic bonding curve.

What's different from UniswapV2?

StakeSwap have the same bonding curve as Uniswap V2.
StakeSwap can provide staking reward from liquid staking services.
Existing AMMs can only offer swap fees, while Liquid Staking Protocols can only offer staking rewards. This makes LPs have no choice but to choose between them. StakeSwap can provide both swap fees and staking rewards to LPs by liquid staking the ETH in the liquidity pool into protocols such as Lido and Frax.
Staking are powered by LSDAggregator contract.