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How LSDAggregator works


Adaptor contract converts ETH from/to reward-bearing tokens (wstETH, rETH, sfrxETH).
Supported adaptors are as follows:
  • LidoAdaptor: ETH <> wstETH
  • RocketPoolAdaptor: ETH <> rETH
  • FraxAdaptor: ETH <> sfrxETH

ERC-4626: Tokenized Vault

LSDAggregator has a lot in common with ERC-4626 vault in that 1) it is suitable when underlying asset is used in a non-loss manner and 2) stakers receive shares when deposit and shares profits from it when redeem.
Current implementation doesn't follow ERC-4626 because of absence of capability of withdrawing staked ETH with 1-to-1 rate because it buy/sell LSDs from DEXes for fast-withdrawal.